Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warning, time spent in the desert appears longer!

Warning, time spent in the desert appears longer than it is…. Just like the familiar warning on side view mirrors: object in the mirror appears closer than they are.

Appearance, perception – not reality. In truth, we only spent a scant 30 months in the desert, but it sure seemed longer, much longer. As I reflect on why that is, I realize it is not because
it was so far away from everything
it was so hot all the time
it was so windy all the time
or any other objection to the desert
Our time in Ridgecrest seemed so much longer because of
the slower life style
the non existing traffic jams
the amazingly short commute to work
the great people who live there
the ability to hold last minute get-togethers and impromptu dinner parties
the spontaneous play dates that did not require weeks of pre-planning
the generosity and kindness of everyone
the knowledge that anyone on the street would lend me a cup of sugar
the freedom that Lukas and Noah had in playing almost unsupervised outside
the fabulous people
the great friendships we formed and made
the spectacular starry nights
the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets
the wildlife right there in our front or back yard
the majestic mountains
the wonderful people – did I say that already????

Ridgecrest will forever hold a special place in our hearts – we left with many wonderful and incredible memories in our bags, and our only regret is that we had to leave so many great friends behind.

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