Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Such extremes

Most people who know me, know that I am a list maker. I have list for gifts, lists for things to do, list errands, list for food, lists for my lists... just kidding about the last one. My life revolves around the lists, and the last few months have been the time of lists with capital L in order for us to prepare for our nine month adventure. Slowly as we neared the day to leave Ridgecrest, the lists got shorter and fewer, and now here in Snowbird, UT my list consists of: NOTHING!!! I am almost having list withdrawal, although I am enjoying this time of very few demands on my time and for the very few things I need to remember each day. Although I like lists, there is nothing for me to write on my list right now!
Another extreme surrounds food and our meals. I am reading Vegetable, Animals, Miracles which talks about a families experiment to live off food that is either produced by themselves or produced locally for one year. So out the window goes anything 'ready made' or almost ready made. The author talks about making bread, canning, making cheese, slaughtering chickens and creating delicious stews that simmer all day on the stove. My reality right now is such a contrast to that - we have discovered a whole new world of almost ready made meals in the store, things that can easily be whipped up in hotel kitchenettes, and does not require multiple staples to round out, finish off the meal. I never knew there were so many choices in the store. Meals come together in minutes and my most coveted tool is the can opener and the microwave...

I was a list making, bread baking, from scratch making dinner gal and have gone to the land of no lists, and ready made food. What an adventure!

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