Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am at times worrying about the many traditions that our boys are missing giving our current lifestyle – or so I think. We are not home to set up a tree, decorate the house, bake and cook, wrap gifts, make presents and celebrate the holidays with friends at parties. I know that value of traditions and desire fervently to indulge them and imbue them with the best and happiest of childhood memories and those are of course made at Christmas, right? What will they grow up with, no traditions, nothing that they look back on as special and that 'what we always did' feeling. So I worried and fretted….

When we got to our room in Park City, we immediately checked out the view. Gorgeous mountains in the distance and a small convenience and shopping center right across the street. Both Bob and I had independently noticed signs for a local church so we decided that we needed to visit this little church for Sunday service. Up to this point, we have been practicing home church in our various locations.

The boys were reluctantly excited about going to church, and then looked across the street to the shopping center and shouted – Yes, we can go to Einsteins after church, just like we used to. Here was a every day, run of the mill routine we used to have while living in Washington DC, going to church and stopping for bagels on our way home. To the boys that was tradition, to the boys that is what one does on Sundays, and our time in Ridgecrest had not diminished that tradition despite the lack of a proper bagel store in the vicinity. Here was a tradition that to them was important and meaningful, and I was worrying about what????

Lukas and Noah have a way of getting my perspective back on track!

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