Tuesday, January 27, 2009

View from our window

Here are some of the things that I see when I look out our windows. All of my petty concerns and worries fade away quickly when I take a moment to take in the beauty just outside, right here in 'our' yard.
More and more things are becoming normal and life here in La Ceiba is taking on a bit of routine.
I now know that seven quick knocks are not someone trying to get my attention at the gate, but our friendly geckos making themselves known.
I no longer need moisturizer, and wonder why I even packed it, space being so precious...
I am, at the moment, winning the laundry war
I have learned that laundry is a five step process - soak, wash, rinse, hang out to dry, take inside to finish drying.
I thought I missed the rain while living in the desert, I no longer really miss it.. we had more rain since we arrive than we had the almost three years we lived in the desert.
I have learned that fruit flies can get through anywhere.

I found out that they sell coffee pre-mixed with sugar in the ground coffee section of the store.. no wonder it tasted so funny yesterday morning
I am learning to make pretty good tortillas - the secret ingredient is the lard
I truly appreciate my Ginger Orange Shower Gel - although nothing truly gets the sweaty smell out totally, or perhaps it is just that I begin to sweat the moment I step out of the shower
I never thought I would prefer thin bath towels, but now I see their value - they dry quicker.
I am learning that walking is a great mode of transportation
I have not seen a lawn mower since we got here, grass is mowed with a weed whacker or machete
I am no longer surprised to see wild horses, and dogs wandering down the street
I am no longer closing my eyes when we pass a car on the road, while the road curves, driving straight into the blind spot
I can serve my family American fast food if I want to, it is all here ready and available at Gringo prices....
I am getting to know some incredible people, my life is truly richer for meeting and getting a chance to work along side Erin, Mike, Lindsey, Sean, Jamie, Joshua and Andy. These were all strangers more or less a month ago, and they have truly accepted us with open and loving arms.

Life in Honduras is great and I am so grateful for this opportunity to live here, to learn more about the people and serve An Awesome God.
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