Thursday, January 15, 2009

Really getting to know my children

I am a stay at home Mom so I spend most of my time with our precious sons, Lukas and Noah. I have been home since Lukas was born, and have even began to home school them so we have had plenty of quantity time together. If anyone asked me, I would say I really knew my children. Well, spending time on the road traveling has helped me really truly get to know our boys. Back in 'normal' life, we were together, but they would play, I would be busy planning meals, doing laundry, coordinating events, cleaning all the while spending time with them. Since we packed up the house, I have had no need to clean, or rarely and much lesser areas, I cannot really meal plan more than a few days ahead, and on there are no play-dates, classes, or practices to coordinate. My time is much more available to really truly be with them and it has been such a blessing. I am learning the little nuances in who they are, the finer details of how God so amazingly and expertly created and knitted them together. I continually marvel over their differences and have come to appreciate those for what they are – their uniqueness and individuality. I cannot think of a better gift given to me than this time with the boys, a time that will forever be a sweet memory in my heart.

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