Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random things that are becoming the norm

We have been here in La Ceiba almost two weeks, so some of the things that seemed strange initially are becoming 'normal' and even routine. It is amazing how quickly the normalcy sets in:
Throwing toilet paper in the trash can, not in the toilet
Having to wash hands with hand sanitizer as there is no water - something with rain and water pressure
Dishes can get clean in cold water as long as one has the special soap
The vegetables and fruit take a 20 minutes bleech/water bath before we eat them
If there is yogurt in the store buy it, it may not be in there tomorrow, same goes for pretty much any grocery item - it was 6 days between our first and second time to buy Diet Coke for Bob
I stop and look each time someone is honking a horn outside, it may be someone coming for a visit
When it rains, take a shower quickly, because the water may be out soon
I can buy ice cream, water, oranges, bread and someone said fish from vendors who walk by the house daily
Roaming freely are horses, pigs, and dogs
There is an obstacle course in the living room, to avoid the holes in the floor
Buckets are necessary to prevent all the leaky water from puddling in the floor
Cooking dinner almost always involves at least one electric shock
Four cars across on a single lane road is fine, when it gets to be six, I begin to pray
Everyone is so nice and kind, and so willing to help this gringo family wherever we are


Beth said...

Hi Christina! I just found your blogs. You are going through amazing experiences! I admire your patience and your dedication to your work. You mentioned the lack of diet might help Bob to know that I quit Diet Coke in October and have lived through it. :) Still though, I feel for him! And for you after reading the laundry stories. How wonderful that you found the laundry service. I will think of you and try to appreciate the "little things" like dry towels and fruit right out of the fridge. Hi to Bob and the boys. We miss you and I'm so happy to read your blogs now. Love, Beth.

Firebee said...

Wow, Christina, for a moment I thought you were describing our house in Spain. We were greatful that southern Spain experienced a long drought during our stay. We often take for granted the trappings of our comparatively wealthy society, and of course that taints our view of other cultures. It is when we are faced with living in another culture that we truly begin to appreciate our lives and blessings. God has provided you the opportunity to serve and learn in another culture, and you have obviously ceased it with vigor, and I hope great joy. God bless you all. MRAC

christina said...

Just curious Firebee, do we know you??