Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I learned from a toddler

The other day I saw a little girl at the play ground. She happily toddled around and then all of a sudden the joy turned to sadness as he stubbed her toe trying to navigate the stairs that would bring her to the slide ride – her favorite part of the park. This little girl was surrounded by many willing to help, but she resolutely walked by the other Moms’ caring hands, her big sisters offer to pick her up, her doting grand father’s strong embrace and headed straight for Mama. At that moment, nobody could comfort like Mama, and she was not at all distracted by nor convinced by the poor imitations of comfort, she wanted Mama. Not long after she found comfort in her mother’s loving arm was she off to play again, attempting to scale the steps once more.

That scene made me think of myself and how I handle hurts: the harsh words that slice through the heart like a newly sharpened knife, the unkind look that drills a hole in my soul, the perceived snubbing that causes my self confidence to crumble, the list goes on and on. So where do I turn when my soul is crying, when my heart is aching? Am I easily distracted by the comforts of the world: food, shopping, activities, the latest exercise regime, etc? Watching the drama play out in front of my eyes made me stop and reflect on my own behavior. The little girl may have been really hurt, but from the looks of it, it was probably not severe. Yet, she was hurt and she knew where her true comfort would come from – Mama.

I realized I could learn a valuable lesson from this little girl. Maybe I would stop hurting faster if instead of trying to anesthetize myself with counterfeit comforts, I would walk straight by and right in to the loving, kind and comforting arms of my Father. The things of this world provide fleeting, ephemeral incomplete and conditional comfort. He is the only one that can provide unconditional, lasting comfort, and complete healing. Next time I am hurt, I am going to be like that little girl, and run straight to God.

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Missionary, Mother, Wife, Nurse said...

beautifully stated and oh so true. The things we can learn from children!